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About Us
Our History
  • 1950 – Founding of the Lima Vanzeller & Leal Lda.

The company is founded by Mrs. Arnaldo Lima Vanzeller and Mrs. Manuel Leal.

  • 1957 – First Change Facilities.

The company starts work in the facilities/ installations where it is still today or where is the same in nowadays.

  • 1983 - Mr. Arnaldo Vanzeller leaves the company.

In this year, Mr. Manuel Leal with his sons assume the company administration.

  • 1987 – Mr. Manuel Leal dies.

With the principal founder’s death, his sons assume control of the company headed by Mr. Alberto Leal.

  • 2008- Creation and Assembly of the laboratory.

With the focus on creating better products and responding to our customers' needs, we assemble our first laboratory.

  • 2009 – The expansion of our Facilities

With an increase in our sales volumes, the company expands its facilities to include a new laboratory, offices, as well as a new section for the printed corks and new cork treatment processes.

  • 2011 - Chromatograph Acquisition

With an ever increasing need for better production process control, the company acquires a chromatograph.

  • 2014 - Acquisition of the Z. I. Do Casalinho (Lourosa) facilities

With this purchase the company acquires an added 4000 m2 of covered storage space. This special facility protects the cork from the rain and elements while it's open sides allow for natural ventilation.

  • 2016 - Begin construction of new facilities

The new facilities are inaugurated and begin operating in Mid-2016, allowing the centralization of all our operations, from reception of the raw material, to storage and stabilization, to boiling process and selection of planks, and to cork plank cutting and punching.

  • 2018 - Modernization and new lay-out

Migration and centralization of our production processes to the new facilities, leads us to optimize and re-engineer our production plant lay-out.

  • 2020 - Disinfection / Sterilization

Development begins on a new disinfection process with the objective of fighting TCA.

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Company Executive Statement:

Our products are the result of our efforts. The way our products are viewed is the way our company is viewed. 

Lima Vanzeller & Leal’s Lda, tries to please all the customers providing a cordial, professional and best quality service without equal.

We work because we love what we do—and welcome the challenge our customers bring us as needs become more and more exacting with a team of competent professionals capable to respond with quality to all requirements. Because we understand that successful companies are those that satisfy their customers requirements with quality products and service, we want reaffirm our commitment by continuously improving and developing to allow us to build a future with our customer with all of our confidence. 

The guarantee of quality is the commitment that our company promises to all of our costumers!

-- Alberto Leal

Our Mission

To be a reference company in the cork market, providing products with a quality recognized by our customers, while betting on a competent and motivated team with adequate resources.


The main reason for the continued existence of our company is having the complete satisfaction of our customers, providing products with competitive prices and ability to respond effectively to our customers' needs.
Lima Vanzeller & Leal’s Lda, remains committed to complying to the standard quality requirements of NP EN ISSO 9001: 2008, as well as the regulations and laws applicable to it’s activity.

Our Values

Since is creation, LVL, has been guided by principles and values that we consider essential for the continual success of our organization, our customers, suppliers and employees.

  • - People are important to us 
  • - Provide the best product in the present to maintain market leadership in the future 
  • - Excellence in continuous quality improvement in product supply to the Customer 
  • - Promote the protection of people's working and social conditions, namely in law, safety, hygiene and health at work 
  • - Manage resources while taking into account the quality and preservation of the environment 
  • - Conduct the business management of the organization in conformity to the highest standards of ethics and rigor

Quality & Sustainability

Focused on the quality of our products and the satisfaction of ours customers via stringent quality control, we can have complete traceability of our products from the cork oak plantation to our customers.

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Our History
1950 - 1983

Founded and constituted as a family-owned and run venture in 1950, the company reorganizes its structure in 1983 with a primary goal: To offer the highest quality products to our customers.


The company continues to undergo modernizations guided by a policy of sustained growth. As a result of our quality and continuous improvement policies we obtain the Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing Practice (ICSSMP) certification in 2001.

2001 - Present

As an unequivocal guarantee of our commitment to quality and continuous improvement, we obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2014--an added value for our clients and providers.

Tricloroanisol Tests Annually
Thousand Tons of Cork Produced Annually in Portugal
% of Worldwide Production
Prime Materials 100% Recyclable